DC Comics Might Be Launching An African-American Batman | Complete Info!


It appears that the decision to introduce this latest Caped Crusader caught fans by surprise, and we’ve got all the information you need about the Black Bat.

In 2020, it appears that DC Comics will introduce a new Caped Crusader to the comic book world. According to Bleeding Cool, a new Batman has been a talking point within the group for some time now, and after the news of a new Batman went viral, the subject was at the top of everyone’s lips.

The character’s name has also been revealed, although his origins have not. It was rumored that the new Black Batman is not a reboot of Bruce Wayne, but it’s uncertain if he’s someone we’ve previously encountered in Gotham City.

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It’s also been reported by Bleeding Cool that if fans are wondering if it’ll be Duke Thomas, they’re wrong, but the article does confirm that Black Lightning and Batwing will compete for the top spot.

Following the head’s complexity of the superheroes that began following the start of a successful franchise comparable to Black Panther, this newest choice of introducing a fresh Batman in the DC Comics world is an attempt to relaunch it.

Duke Thomas is a young African-American boy who lives in Gotham and appears in the comic book. He is later shown as Robin in the series, taking up the title after Batman’s disappearance.

Duke later joined the Batman family and was renamed the Signal. In addition, the magazine claims that while he has a long history with Bruce Wayne, he will not appear as Black Batman and will not take over from Bruce Wayne.

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Apart from that, it’s been reported that David Zavimbe or Luke Fox will not take Bruce Wayne’s place as the newest Caped Crusader, despite the fact that both of these characters are African-American and have worn the mantle of Batwing for some time.


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