A Korean Odyssey Season 2: Who Is Asanyeo in the Korean Odyssey?

A Korean Odyssey Season 2

Hong Sisters’ drama series Hwayugi, or A Korean Odyssey, is set in South Korea. It’s a modern retelling of Wu Chueng’en’s classic 16th-century Chinese book “Journey to the West.” Although there were a few errors throughout the production, no one can deny the show’s greatness.

We’ve gathered to discuss the possibility of the second season of A Korean Odyssey.

The Fantasy-Romance-based drama gives a lot with its enticing graphics, a superb cast, and plot, but there was something more that drew viewers’ attention as well. Songs from N’UEST W, Suran, AOA, Bumkey, and other well-known Korean singers were on the show’s soundtrack.

The show employs Magic Realism to utilize imagination to convey the harshness that occurs in the real world.

A Korean Odyssey Season 2

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Season 2 of a Korean Odyssey Has Been Announced, Along With a Release Date.

Rating records were smashed from the start of the first season on December 23, 2017, till Netflix aired the show. Season 1 ended with a few unanswered questions, which increases the likelihood of a second season. Due to the absence of official confirmation, we cannot be positive that there will be a sequel.

On the Gregorian calendar, season one of A Korean Odyssey debuted on March 23, 2017. The show’s quality improved dramatically, and it became one of the most-watched shows on television at the time. Once Netflix obtained the rights to broadcast the show internationally, its renown skyrocketed.

A Korean Odyssey Season 2

However, political candidate announcements are infrequent because of the ebb and flow of the year. A second season would be surprising given how widely known the show is. If A Korean Odyssey Season 2 is restored, we believe it will be broadcast in 2020. The second season of a Korean odyssey will be announced as soon as we get additional information.

A sequel is conceivably spawned by a number of factors. We can’t say for sure if there will be a sequel because official sources haven’t confirmed anything of the like. We will tell our readers quickly if there are any changes to A Korean Odyssey Season 2. Keep a close watch on everything!

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A Korean Odyssey Season 2 Cast Updates

The old cast has already developed a bond with the audience. It’ll be a pity if they don’t return for Season 2 of A Korean Odyssey.

  • Son Oh-gong, played by Lee Seung-gi
  • Woo Hwi-Chul / Woo Ma-wang / Devil King played by Cha Seung-won
  • Jin Seon-mi / Sam-Jang played by Oh Yeon-Seo
  • P.K / Joe Pal-game played by Lee Hong-gi
  • Yoon Dae-Sik / Sa Oh-Jeong played by Jang Gwang
  • Jung Se-ra / Jin Bu-ja / Richie / Ah Sa-no played by Lee Se-young
  • Ma Ji-young played by Lee El
  • Kang Dae-sung played by Song Jong-ho
  • Lee Han-Joo played by Kim Sung-oh
  • General Winter and Summer Fairy played by Sung Hyuk

A Korean Odyssey Season 2 Plot

A Korean Odyssey‘ tells the story of a woman named Seon-mi. It’s a blessing and a burden that she has the capacity to see ghosts. She can’t lead a normal life because of the constant presence of ghosts around her. This makes it impossible for her to make friends, and even her own family tries to keep her as far away from her as possible.

A yellow umbrella enchanted with charms of protection is given to her by her grandmother, who understands her dilemma. In order to keep any ghosts from returning too near to the brink, this is done.

Monkey King Son Oh-gong is banished from the realm of eminence and banished to the realm of the commoners. The only way for him to return is to find a woman who can feel spirits.

Much though they are obliged to fight bad spirits and deal with a curse that makes things even more difficult, they finally succumb to every other option. This seems to be a promising direction for A Korean Odyssey Seasons 1 and 2.

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Who Is Asanyeo in the Korean Odyssey?

She is truly a lady who is trapped within a decaying zombie corpse. She is then possessed by a wicked ghost named Asanyeo, who was a priestess to the monarch 1,000 years ago and now wishes to marry Son Oh-gong for power and love in later episodes.

Is There a Happy Ending to the Korean Odyssey?

Viewers were left with a bittersweet sensation at the conclusion of the fantasy drama A Korean Odyssey, but it was ultimately appropriate for the plot. According to the plot, Oh-Gong (See Seung-Gi) comes to owe Sun-Mi (Oh Yeon-Seo) money for what he did to her when she was a youngster. Many people believe that their love story was predestined from the beginning.