A federal judge has dismissed the Trump campaign Pennsylvania case

While this case is not always likely to win, President Donald Trump’s supporters and legal team – especially his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani – Their confidence in the federal judge in Pennsylvania gave some credibility to the fraud-related suspicions and delighted the attempt to thwart Trump. Popular votes for President-elect Joe Biden.

But Judge Matthew Bran, a longtime and well-known Republican in Pennsylvania, refused.

It was the last major lawsuit to seek to oust or block enough votes that could turn a key state in favor of Trump, and Bran’s decision on Saturday was the 30th loss or withdrawal from Election Day from the Trump campaign and its allies. There are only two wins on the court, with the lowest number of votes.

“Seven million voters are asking this court to cast their ballots. A plaintiff in an election could not find any case that called for such a drastic solution, based on the amount of votes asked to be invalid,” U.S. District Court Judge Matthew Bran wrote Saturday.

Bran instructed Trump campaign lawyers not to present factual evidence of attempts to invalidate multiple votes in the state of major wars.

“In the face of such a startling decision, one can expect a plaintiff to be armed with compelling legal arguments and factual evidence of widespread corruption, which means that this court has no choice but to regretfully grant the proposed injunction despite the impact. There are so many great citizens. It did not happen.” Bran added. “Instead, this Court is presented with serious legal arguments without merit and speculation charges, not included in the operational complaint and not supported by evidence.”

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“In the United States, this does not justify a voter’s vote, let alone its sixth most populous state. Our people, laws and institutions demand more,” the judge wrote. “Below, the plaintiffs. Failed to meet their burden of making a claim that relief could be granted.”

Districts in the state are scheduled to certify their election results on Monday.

The judge said further consideration of the issue would “unnecessarily delay resolving issues” regarding certification.

This is an important message and will be updated.

Kelly Mena contributed to this report.

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