Is Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead In The Works?


This is a remake of the 1991 comedy film, “Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead.” It stars Christina Applegate as a mom who has to take care of her kids after their babysitter dies. There are many diverse characters in this movie, including an African-American family and a Hispanic family.

The Diverse Remake of Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead Is Currently in Production.

A reboot of Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead is already in the works, but it will be more diverse than its predecessor. Let’s get into some of the finer points.

Treehouse Pictures is working on a remake of Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead, which will premiere in 2021. This time, the film would be more “diverse,” focusing on a contemporary black family.

When the initial movie was released, it was not a major commercial success, but it did attract a devoted following.The storyline will be written by newcomer Will Hayward with Bille Woodruff directing.

The 1992 sequel to Scrooged was directed by Stephen Herek and included Christina Applegate, Joanna Cassidy, and Josh Charles in the cast.

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The film’s executive producer will be Treehouse CEO Justin Nappi, who is collaborating with Juliet Berman and Oren Segal.

‘Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead is a cult classic,’ Nappi agreed. ‘We’re excited to present a fresh perspective on the iconic comedy that is as funny and risque as the original, but also smart and connected.’

For the reboot, both Jay Chandrasekhar and Lane Smith are credited as Executive Producers. Phillips was an EP in the first film, with his name appearing on the list for this one as well. ‘The original film is a classic,’ says director Daley, who noted how many individuals can quote dialogue from the debut. “I’m amazed at how many people can quote dialogue from the classic film and I think this crew has a unique and contemporary spin on the plot that will resonate in a new way.”

Juliana Maio and Tova Later are the only two names listed as EPs.

Ellen Crandell is a 16-year-old girl who has to look after her four younger brothers and sisters when their mother leaves town and the bad nanny she hires passes away. We anticipate that the new narrative will follow the same storylines as the previous movies, but we have yet to receive a confirmation on that.

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Treehouse Pictures’ most recent film is That Awkward Moment, which was released in March 2019. Sand Castle and Set It Up are other films produced by Treehouse Pictures.

Previously, Robert Woodruff has directed the films Beauty Shop, The Perfect Match, and Honey. He’s written everything from award-winning novels to Netflix films Step Sisters and The Meyerowitz Stories.


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