A dissident leader of the FARC was killed in clashes with illegal groups

The breakaway leader of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), Suksis Baucias Hernandez Solarti, better known as “Jesus Santrich”, died on Monday in Venezuela, during clashes between illegal groups, the Colombian press advanced today.

The Colombian magazine Semana announced the killing of Santrich, one of the most wanted by the Colombian authorities, citing “high-ranking Venezuelan sources” and saying that an unspecified number of guerrillas were also killed.

Attention: Jess Santrich was shot down in Venezuela, in a confrontation with illegal groups, the magazine says on its website, explaining that “there are no other details” and that “ex-FARC fighters have become among the first dissidents in the peace agreement (in Colombia). After a complicated judicial process. “

Meanwhile, Colombian Defense Minister Diego Molano Aponte announced, via his Twitter account, that “information from the intelligence services [serviços secretos] He referred to the killing of “Santrich” and other criminals in the alleged clashes that took place yesterday [segunda-feira] In Venezuela. “

Information is under verification. If this fact is confirmed, it appears that the drug criminals have taken refuge in Venezuela, “explained Diego Molano Aponte.

Jesus Santrich was born in the Colombian town of Tolovego, on July 31, 1967, and became a leader of the FARC, after leaving the group, was a member of the Colombian House of Representatives.

This was part of the negotiations for peace agreements between the government of Colombia and the FARC, signed in 2016, that led to the demobilization of the Colombian fighters.

On April 9, 2018, he was arrested and charged with drug trafficking, but was released a year later by Colombia’s Supreme Court of Justice, due to insufficient evidence.

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In August 2019, he returned to arms, and led Marketalia II, made up of defectors from the FARC, which was the motive for his expulsion from the Special Jurisdiction for Peace and the Joint Revolutionary Alternative Force Party.

Colombian intelligence had already confirmed that Santrich was on Venezuelan territory, but the lack of diplomatic contacts between the two countries made it difficult to access information about the circumstances of his death, which would have occurred five days after the Colombian justice approved his extradition to the United States, to respond, in New York. On drug smuggling charges.

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