A Cypriot has shut down the largest pipeline network in the United States

The colonial pipeline network is 8,850 km long and connects the southern refineries. Mexico suspended exports of petrol, diesel and other commodities from the Gulf, along with other parts of the country, on Saturday.

According to Bloomberg, behind the attack was a cybercriminal group called DarkSite, which intercepted nearly 100 gigabytes of data. The group’s hackers became popular last fall, When he wanted to donate some of his criminal income in cryptocurrencies to two non-profit organizations – Children International and Water Project (these organizations have refused donations).

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The Colonial Pipeline explains that it has stopped its operations “to reduce the damage caused by cyber attacks that disrupt certain control systems.

The attack was reported to US President Joe Biden, and police have launched an investigation.

The colonial pipeline system has been in operation since 1963 and delivers 2.6 million barrels of petroleum products daily.

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