‘A Classic Horror Story’: Twisted Ending Explained!


Do you like scary stories? A Classic Horror Story is a story that has been told for centuries. It’s the kind of story that makes your skin crawl and leaves you with nightmares. But what happens when the ending doesn’t quite make sense? When it seems to be missing something important? What if there was a twist at the end, one that changes everything we thought we knew about this classic horror tale?

This article will explore how these twists can change our understanding of a well-known horror story by examining three different endings from three different versions of “The Monkey’s Paw.” 

A Classic Horror Story’s Twisted Ending Explained

It’s not just another spooky tale.

However, this is far from the end of our journey. Even now, as they approach the end of their quest, they’re having to deal with obstacles that they never anticipated. The last leg of our trip is only beginning when we realize that the isolated cabin where Lucas’s mother committed suicide was actually located outside in a forest clearing. The self-aware conclusion caught us all by surprise and forced us to reconsider our involvement in the horrible film.

The plot revolves around a blind, gloomy gothic house where four young people are trapped by the malevolent spirits. Let’s go through the film’s conclusion once more, this time looking at some key elements you may have overlooked.

A Classic Horrifying Beginning

A woman chained to a wooden tabletop about to be assaulted with a sledgehammer by a faceless villain begins the video, which goes on for one hour and 40 minutes. The following scene transports us to a new location. Elisa is at the diner, waiting for her carpool to arrive. She’s on the phone with her mother, and she has decided to have an abortion.

The pregnancy appears to be more of her mother’s creation than hers. Elisa climbs aboard her carriage. She was traveling with Ricardo, a physician, and a young couple (Sofia and Mark). The doctor appears to be upset about something. After hearing Fabrizio, the driver, tell them that he is filming travel videos, they are eager to get started. Before parting, he wanted to talk with his passengers.

During the trip, a goat appeared in the middle of the road and caused the van to crash. The travelers awoke in the middle of a wooded area and found themselves stranded miles from the highway.

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A Classic Horror Story

The party discovered a peculiar home with old photographs of people wearing goat masks. Fabrizio explained the tale of Osso, Mastrosso, and Carcagnosso, which transformed the residents of a hamlet into a docile ‘flock.’ They discovered a young girl named Chiara, whose tongue had been removed ritually.


When Chiara and the rest of the group attempted to flee, they ran into another clearing brimming with abandoned automobiles, most likely belonging to previous victims. Unfortunately, they always return to the house when they get too far.

The murders resumed, and Sofia and Riccardo became the next unfortunate victims. Elisa finds out that Fabrizio has something to do with the killings when she breaks into his mansion. He was the one who poisoned them, which eventually resulted in their capture. Worse, she learns that his hearing aid was a radio, which he uses to communicate with the killers.

A Fitting Ending

Elisa is the only passenger left alive after Fabrizio’s flight. Fabrizio is furious that Elisa finds out about his plot. Elisa finds herself at the center of a gruesome dinner with the killers. A local mobster’s mistress is also in attendance. Fabrizio tells Elisa that he is making a film, saying that it’s a snuff film because of the high demand for blood and violence. She also determines that Chiara, the first girl they encountered, was an accomplice.

In the woods, Elisa discovers Fabrizio and Chiara dead. She escapes into a busy beach, where she is discovered by a search party. She is bleeding profusely. People stared at her in astonishment, while others pulled out their cellphones. She looks at her phone and reads her mother’s text message about the abortion.

She rushes to the water, drops her phone, and sinks her toes in. After all she has endured, Elisa is now prepared to make her own decisions. Unfortunately, it is impossible to know whether her baby survived all of these terrible events. The film then changes perspective, and we see a guy sitting in the dark watching Bloodflix, a website that promises to stream any video for free.

What Is Bloodflix?

The name “Bloodflix” looks eerily similar to that of Netflix, the platform where we saw the horror film. The company is called Pure Cloud, and it’s based in Denmark. It was launched in 2016 to provide consumers with a cloud-based entertainment service that helps them save time while watching movies and TV shows on their PCs or other devices through the internet. Indeed, Fabrizio was right.

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The most popular film genres, according to the man watching the movie on Bloodflix, include violence, bloodshed, and gore. The hero of the film was a regular guy who happened to be a father. In the background, we hear his daughter calling for dinner. This self-aware conclusion is one that we didn’t see coming. It is a microcosm of our interest in violent bloodshed, as demonstrated by the individual watching Bloodflix.

‘ Threw one more jab on our way before the film ended. The guy gave it a negative rating, implying that even real-life torture and murder would not be enough to satiate our appetite for gore.

Why Is Fabrizio Performing These Horrible Murders And How Does It Link To The Legend?

We’ve covered the film’s entire story up to this point. Now it’s time to respond to a few inquiries. Why did Fabrizio commit so many bloody murders? Fabrizio is making snuff films for the mob, which is pretty straightforward.

Elisa scoffs at Fabrizio for turning contemporary mafia activities into ancient legend in order to make his snuff films more fascinating. She claimed that people would not fall for his sick trick, but it turned out to be precisely what happened when we watched the film. We thought that ” is nothing more than a classic cult film until we learned the facts.

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Fabrizio is, without a doubt, a furious and irritated filmmaker. He’s trying to combine Osso, Mastrosso, and Carcagnosso’s account of the murder with his own sick, ritualistic murder movie.

The legend of Osso, Mastrosso, and Carcagnosso, as Fabrizio claimed, involves the fates of three supernatural beings. They saved a village from starvation. They, on the other hand, sought a high price from the locals. [[The villagers started brutal sacrifices, which involve cutting out of tongues, ears, and eyes as a form of payment.]] The villagers were cursed with idiocy after making so many sacrifices.

“And you’re not just saying that because it’s true,” she added. “You’re a genius at combining ancient lore with modern mafia activities.” Fabrizio informed Elisa that he was a genius at mixing old folklore with current criminal activity. It’s unclear whether the actors in Fabrizio’s movie about brutally ritualistic murders were paid workers for organized crime. The homicidal villagers, on the other hand, played the roles of killers.

The unknown crime boss informed Elisa that the mafia must continue to exist in this day and age. Later, Chiara and Fabrizio speak about how the client wants Elisa to be aware while being murdered. Unfortunately for them, Elisa got to them first and killed them both.

We’ll never know the full extent of the mafia’s connection. However, seeing the police go out of their way to pick up the Mafia leader while ignoring the bloody Elisa suggests that this snuff film operation has a far-reaching impact.

Oddly, there is a real-life narrative about Osso, Mastrosso, and Carcagnosso. Osso, Mastrosso, and Carcagnosso were three Spanish knights who established the Honoured Societies – mafia, Camorra (Italian mafia from Campania), and ‘ndrangheta (a prominent Italian Mafia-type organized crime syndicate from the region of Calabria) according to a news source.


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