A Bola – Team List for Games in the United States (Women's Football)

This Thursday, Francisco Neto, the national coach of women's football, announced his call for the finals of the women's national team for the 2020/21 season.

Portugal will face the United States on June 10 in Houston, Texas. Three days later, he will face Nigeria at the same venue.

List of players:

Famalico: Rudd Costa and Mariana Acevedo

Kansas City: Juzika Silva

Maritime: Delma Encarnaso and Barbara Santos

SC Prague: Diana Gomez, Dolores Silva and Andrea Norton

Benfica: Salvia Rebello, Carol Costa, Andrea Faria, Giga Nazareth, Catarina Amado, Beatrice Camerio and Lucia Alves

Sports: Tatiana Pinto, Fettima Pinto, Jonah Marcio, Andrea Jacinto, Alicia Correa, Innes Pereira and Diana Silva

State de Reims: Melissa Gomez

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