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It took about 30 hours to travel. The storms disrupted the path and changed the final destination a few times. The luggage was left behind. This situation may have been the adventure of an adventurer trying to cross the border from Mexico to the United States, but it actually happened with Fantastico's reporting team on their way from New York to Laredo, Texas. The difficulties faced by reporter Felipe Santana and film reporter Alex Carvalho were a precursor to the blatant act they recorded when they reached the shores of Rio Grande, where coyotes cross dozens of people in boats inflated at night.

In April 2021, the largest influx of migrants from the last 20 years on the border between Mexico and the United States was recorded: more than 178,000 people were arrested for attempting to cross into the United States illegally from Latin America. Attractive, at this point, is the youthful face of almost half of these people. Many are unsupported minors, or even babies and children delivered to the coyote will be left on American soil. It is a desperate attempt at a life change, the refuge of immigrants in the most developed country in the world.

In this episode of the podcast Iso Pantestigo, presenter Murillo Salviano talks to Felipe Santana, who went to the Mexican side to ask for other details behind the scenes of the report and to see the fate of the exiled people.

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