90 rattlesnakes found in a California house


Al Wolf, director of Sonoma County Reptile Rescue, was called by a woman who said she had seen rattlesnakes under her northern California house. In a bizarre situation, there were more than 90 rattlesnakes getting ready to hibernate.

Wolf said that he had crawled under the mountainside home in Santa Rosa and found a rattlesnake right away. But it did not stop there, he kept discovering more and more. He was able to grab two buckets of rattlesnakes. He had put on long, safety gloves while trying to nab the venomous snakes. 

“I kept finding snakes for the next almost four hours,” Wolf said Friday. “I thought, ‘Oh, good, it was a worthwhile call’ but I was happy to get out because it’s not nice, you run into spider webs and dirt and it smells crappy and it’s musty and you’re on your belly and you’re dirty. I mean, it was work.”

He used a 24in snake pole to remove 22 adult rattlesnakes and 59 babies. This was the number when he had first visited the home in the Mayacamas Mountains on 2 October. After that, he returned another two times and collected 11 more snakes.

He said that all the grabbed snakes were northern Pacific rattlesnakes. This is the only venomous snake found in northern California.

He also added that the rattlesnakes are released in the wild away from people. 

Wolf said there are plans to return to the house again before the end of the month to see if any more snakes arrived.

“We know it’s a den site already because of the babies, and the amount of females I found,” he said.


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