7 Movies About Science Experiments


Movies are inclined towards different genres, elements, approaches, quality, styles, and information that the producer and scriptwriter intend to portray or pass across to viewers.

Movies about science experiments are movies produced to test a specific hypothesis via implementing a series of steps (Inductive and deductive method) which is later used to deduce a scientific theory (If proven right).

Are you the type who doesn’t watch Korean movies, series, and telenovelas, or is a science or non-science student who is more inclined toward science gets interested in scientific experiments? You can best watch films related to science experiments to unwind after daily college activities and gain knowledge in your quest for science.

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7 Movies About Science Experiments

1. Replicas

‘Replicas’ was released in 2018, and the movie revolves around two medical researchers, Foster and White, who worked at a Corporation.

The two worked on Subject 345, which involved conveying a mortal mind into an artificial android that possesses extraordinary abilities.

Foster successfully extracted a neural map and moved it into an android’s, but the body rebounded and got destroyed. The two later gave up on the project after their boss Jones warned them to stop after the failed test.

However, weeks after, while on vacation, Foster lost his immediate family members in an accident and became more determined to resurrect his family using subject 345. He stole his corporation equipment and successfully extracted their neural maps.

After much trial, Foster cloned his family’s mind into an android, but he is faced with many travails and death threats from his corporations.

2. Flat liner

A psychological movie released in 2017, produced, directed, and written by Niels Arden Oplev, Laurence Mark, Michael Douglas, Ben Ripley, and others.

The movie revolves around Courtney, a medical student who invited her friends to an afterlife idea experiment at an abandoned hospital room.

Although they all felt reluctant but after much pressure and a signed statement that none would be held responsible if the experiment went wrong.

A defibrillator was used to seize Courtney’s heart for one minute while others recorded her brain; after the stipulated time, she went unconscious.

A fellow student helps to revive her, and Marlo (another student) mistakenly learns of the experiment.

After a few days, Courtney’s Intelligence Quotient increased, and she also experienced euphoria.

She also began to recall her memories; her sister’s death began haunting her, but she failed to disclose to her friends the adverse effects.

The five students united and named the experiment “flatline,” out of jealousy, they all underwent a flatlining increasing number of minutes.

They all became haunted by memories and visions, which led to the death of Courtney.

The five students all decide to find a way out of their predicaments.

3. Lazarus Effect

Released in the year 2015 by Relativity Media, but was criticized heavily due to its horror scene.

The film revolves around two medical researchers. They successfully developed a serum capable of waking coma patients but were later discovered to resurrect the dead.

They required the support of three of their friends, and they carried out their hypothesis on a dog, which turned out successful.

However, it came with specific adverse effects and physiological hazards, which caused the dog to lose its appetite, insomnia, and other abnormal features.

Their boss halted their project because he wanted to receive credits, but the couple sneaks back into the laboratory to make a copy of the serum named “Lazarus.”

During the process, the lady got electrocuted, the guy revived her with Lazarus, but she began to display strange characters and abilities.

A team is created to create an antidote for the poison.

4. High Life

The movie was released in the year 2018. It revolves around a female Doctor who killed her immediate family and experimented with creating a child through artificial insemination but has consistently failed.

A selected number of criminals were sent under the doctor’s supervision on a journey to the black hole in space to extract energy.

The doctor prevented sexual activities among the criminals while on transit to the space but gave them a device, “The Box,” used to masturbate.

A male criminal serving a life sentence over murder always rejected the doctor’s sexual advances and remained celibate.

The female doctor sedated him and raped him while asleep, and inserted his semen into her ovum; she got pregnant without his knowledge.

She gives birth to a baby while on transit to the black hole, before the criminals are faced with a lot of hurdles in their journey.

5. Deep

The movie was released recently in 2021 by Transformation film on Netflix.

The film revolves around Jane, a medical student who developed insomnia caused by stress.

Her professor appointed her to join research held by a pharmaceutical company named “DEEP.”

The experiment extracted a chemical called Qratonin in the brain, which causes wakefulness in humans, by implanting a chip in the nape of humans and will be tested in three stages.

After being promised several rewards, Jane volunteered to be implanted with a child, and her Qratonin level was monitored.

She was warned never to sleep for more than 1 minute before her Qratonin level reached 100% because it may cause a cardiac attack. She successfully carried out the first level test and decided to try out the second stage.

But what she met was beyond her expectations.

6. Rampage

A rat experiment went wrong, and the mutated laboratory rats destroyed a space station.

Only a crew member managed to escape the space station explosion, with a canister containing pathogens, which later exploded and killed her, leaving debris of the pathogens in the forest.

A crocodile, wolf, and an albino Gorilla swallow the pathogen; they become more prominent and aggressive.

The animals were arrested by the Government authorities, but later escaped and caused destruction in the city. Scientists came up with a plot to control the animals, but it is more than they bargained for.

7. Firestarter

It was released decades ago; it revolves around two students given a dose of a low-grade hallucinogen called LOT-6 in an experiment alongside other students.

The duo developed telepathic abilities; read minds, control anyone with little effort.

The two got married decades after, and the other eight-year-old daughter inherited a pyrokinetic ability that allowed her to start and control heat and fire.

She later gets abducted by the government to utilize her power for an experiment.


The movies are the top-rated movies about science experiments for you as a student; watch these videos and learn about innovation and advancement in science.