4 Wednesday Characters Who Will Not Return for Season 2!

How Many Episodes Are There in Wednesday

There is no denying that Wednesday is one of Netflix’s best shows. It earned 341.2 million viewing hours in its first week on the streamer, surpassing Stranger Things season 4 as the show with the most weekly viewing hours for an English-language Netflix series.

The show quickly rose to prominence, becoming the second most-watched English-language Netflix series of all time by the time its first month had concluded.

A second season of the fantasy show was practically assured after its huge success in the first. But, it wasn’t until early January 2023 that Netflix confirmed there would be a second season premiering on Wednesdays.

The release date of Season 2 has become a hot topic of conversation. No release date information is available at this time because production has just begun.

Production and post-production timelines for the first season suggest a far later premiere date of 2024. It’s possible the film’s production time can be cut down, and a late 2023 release date could be achieved, but we wouldn’t put money on it.

Although details about Wednesday’s second season are scarce, we can speculate about which characters will be back and who will be left behind. Naturally, we anticipate the return of the phenomenally gifted Jenna Ortega in the role of Wednesday Addams.

And the show’s co-creator, Miles Millar, has said in an interview that he hopes to see more of the Addams family in Season 2. Catherine Zeta-Jones (Morticia Addams), Luis Guzmán (Gomez Addams), and Isaac Ordonez (Pugsley Addams) are probably going to return, too.

In addition to Emma Myers (Enid), Jamie McShane (Sheriff Galpin), Hunter Doohan (Tyler), Percy Hynes White (Xavier), Joy Sunday (Bianca), Georgie Farmer (Ajax), Naomi J. Ogawa (Yoko), Victor Dorobantu (Thing), and Moosa Mostafa (Mosa), the rest of the ensemble is scheduled to return (Eugene). Who, however, will not be returning for Season 2? Discover the answer down below!

About the “Wednesday” Series

Based on Wednesday Addams, the Netflix series “Wednesday” was created by Al Gough and Miles Millar. The show follows Wednesday’s story following the events of the “Addams Family” movies. The show is a coming-of-age tale about a girl named Wednesday who attends Nevermore Academy and spends her time honing her psychic abilities and trying to solve a mystery involving her family.

The students and faculty of Nevermore Academy, including Wednesday, and the Addams family are only two of the eccentric groups of people who populate this darkly comic horror anthology series. The show will hopefully have equal parts horror and comedy while it explores themes of identity, relationships, and growth.

Will We See Rowan Again on Wednesday?

Nope. Among the first deaths in the first season was that of Rowan. Hyde was responsible for his death. Rowan’s telekinetic powers drove him crazy, and he became sure that Nevermore Academy will be destroyed on Wednesday.

4 Wednesday Characters Who Will Not Return for Season 2

So he uses his powers to try to kill her, but the Hyde monster shows up, fights him, and eventually takes his life. The principal, Weems, uses her shapeshifting abilities to disguise herself as Rowan when he is presumed dead. She did this to spare Nevermore Academy embarrassment after his death.

Do We See Mayor Walker Again on Wednesday, Season 2?

Since Mayor Walker also died in the first season, he won’t be returning for the sequel. Having discovered Marilyn Thornhill/Laurel Gates’s true identity, he goes to the Weathervane cafe to inform the sheriff.

4 Wednesday Characters Who Will Not Return for Season 2

A mysterious figure runs him over just outside the cafe, preventing him from entering. In all likelihood, this was Marilyn/Laurel. Mayor Walker’s life support is turned off at the hospital, yet he is still murdered.

Again, it’s likely that Marilyn/Laurel was speaking here. As Mayor Walker was killed off in the pilot, he won’t be returning.

In the 2nd Season of Wednesday, Will We See Dr. Valerie Kinbott Again?

Even though Dr. Kinbott was a constant source of irritation for Wednesday during the whole first season, she did not deserve to be killed off. Dr. Kinbott suspected Tyler was being influenced and was on the verge of uncovering the truth when she met with a violent end at the hands of Hyde/Tyler.

4 Wednesday Characters Who Will Not Return for Season 2

Once Marilyn/Laurel realized she knew too much, she used Tyler as a puppet and ordered him to kill Dr. Kinbott. That being the case, Dr. Kinbott will not be returning for Season 2.

Does Season 2 of Wednesday Include Principal Weems’s Return?

Principal Weems’s passing was very difficult for many viewers. But, Marilyn/Laurel killed her anyhow because she was trying to shield her students and Nevermore Academy from harm. Having assumed the identity of Tyler, she now watches as Marilyn/Laurel tells Wednesday about their homicidal plan.

As they finish, Principal Weems reverts to her original form and continues the talk with Marilyn/Laurel. But, Marilyn/Laurel quickly approaches Principal Weems and stabs her with a needle containing deadly nightshade poison. Deputy Principal Weems collapses to the floor, begins frothing at the mouth, and appears to die.

4 Wednesday Characters Who Will Not Return for Season 2

Since neither her body nor her funeral was ever revealed to us, we held out hope that she had somehow lived. But, according to Miles Millar, Principal Weems is officially deceased.

As Millar said to Netflix, “hopefully Weems’ death after the season will strike viewers by surprise and they’ll be as impacted as Wednesday is by her loss.” It’s safe to assume that Principal Weems won’t be returning for Season 2.

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