3 People Died Along With 13 US Troops By The Suicide Bombing In Afghan Airport


California bid final goodbye to the three marines killed in the Afghanistan Bombing. It was an incident that was reported on Saturday. Lance Cpl. Kareem Nikoui, Cpl. Hunter Lopez and Sgt. Nicole Gee were three of the 13 U.S. troops that were killed along with 13 other U.S. troops in the suicide bombing. 

The bombing was so dangerous that it killed the lives of more than 160 Afghan people. California takes pride in their three soldiers and said that they will always remember them as heroes. What makes the citizens more emotional is their last action, which brings tears to many. 

Nikoui was able to save three families in the danger zone and again went to the Afghan airport to save the remaining. It was reported that he saw the small children there, and then decided to save him too. 

Moreover, Gee, who is a woman in the military is also reported to die in the bombing. Her family claimed that she was so passionate about her job and loved what she did. 

Lopez was also protecting the children and making them safe when the blast took place. He was there in the rioting mob and helping the children to get into a safer place. 

People showed respect to the people and also the city mourned for their brave soldiers’ death.


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