Calvert Research And Management Launches Calvert ESG Leaders Strategies

Calvert Research and management has announced that the company has launched Calvert ESG Leaders Strategies to articulate the separate account strategies for individual and institutional investors. The Calvert ESG Leaders Strategies are co-managed by Chris Madden and Jade Huang, who are serving as the Portfolio Manager and Vice Presidents at Calvert Research and Management Group.

The Calvert ESG Leaders Strategies seek to make investments specifically at those companies that are qualified according to the parameters of emerging leaders or leaders in ESG factors. The overall investment process of the company consists of basically three major components as corporate engagement, stock selection and portfolio optimization.

Chief Executive Officer and President of Calvert Research and Management, John Streur said, “Calvert’s proprietary, industry-leading research system enables us to identify companies that are leading their peers in managing financially material ESG risks, and which may be poised to take advantage of business opportunities based on their knowledge of and commitment to meaningful ESG practices.”

“Financial materiality is a critical component of ESG analysis. We believe understanding the connection between sustainability factors and business success sets these companies apart and positions them to maneuver efficiently and effectively in an evolving world,” company’s President and CEO John Streur further added in his statement.

Ms. Huang said, “In developing the strategies, we conducted a quantitative review of ESG leaders’ past performance. The results indicate that companies that achieved top ESG scores in financially material factors have historically produced stronger financial performance than those with weaker ESG scores.”

“Additionally, we found that by optimizing the portfolios, we could position the strategies to achieve positive environmental and societal impact by increasing exposure to companies with healthier environmental footprints and better gender diversity,” Ms. Huang further added in her statement.

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