Records Highest Camera Unit Sales During Memorial Day Weekend announced that the company has recorded the highest number of camera unit sales during the four-day Memorial Day Weekend. The company has further said that its camera unit sales outside of a fourth quarter period. The chief reason behind the company’s flawless performance was its flagship products named as the HERO8 Black. During the four-day Memorial Day Weekend sales, the company also introduced its new flagship product named as the Zeus Mini, a $69.99 innovative wearable, magnetic and mountable lights that is 100% compatible with the company’s previous entire range of camera units.

Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of GoPro, Brian McGee said, “We’re continuing to see strength globally in our direct-to-consumer e-commerce business as demand for GoPro continues to grow from the COVID-19 trough we saw in late-March and early-April.”

“This continued momentum supports our strategic shift to a more direct-to-consumer business to drive higher gross margins and lower the threshold to achieve profitability, even in a COVID19-impacted business environment,” Brian McGee further added.

“Global demand on increased markedly since the third week of April, consistently outpacing the prior year’s weekly demand by at least 500%. This, along with other factors, contributes to our unit sell-through expectations of 600,000 to 650,000 units in the second quarter of 2020,” McGee concluded.

Chief Executive Officer and Founder of GoPro, Nicholas Woodman, “Zeus Mini brings to lighting what the HERO camera brings to cameras – incredible versatility, design and performance.”

“Once you start using Zeus Mini, you realize how convenient it is during so many situations. I now keep one in my car, one in my toolbox and one in my backpack for on-the-go readiness. It’s addictively enabling.” Chief Executive Officer and Founder of GoPro Nicholas Woodman further added in his statement.

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