Austin-Based Food Company Hormel Natural Choice Launches New Hardwood Smoked Product Line

Austin-Based Food Company Hormel Natural Choice has announced that the company has launched a new line of slow-smoked meat products known as the Natural Choice Hardwood Smoked Lunch Meats. The company has further said that the company’s new line is especially prepared over real wood chips for four hours and comes in innovative flavors as the applewood turkey, applewood ham with herbs and garlic, pecanwood ham with brown sugar and pecanwood ham with sweet black pepper.

The company has also introduced the appealing and eye-catching packaging to all its new slow-smoked line products. The company introduced a bold, black package for the hardwood smoked products that come in the brand’s signature rectangular window.

Natural Choice Brand Manager, Samantha Hovland said, “We leaned into the real smoke and premium ingredients with this line and are offering consumers that great hardwood smoked flavor, without having to fire up the smoker.”

“Lunchtime is a busy time for people, so we’re helping take the guesswork out of it by providing products that are nutritious, convenient and customizable, and also packed with exciting, authentic flavors,” Samantha further added.

“While these are premium products, prepared using a prolonged meat smoking technique that’s sure to disrupt the category, we’re offering Natural Choice® hardwood smoked lunch meat to consumers at the same price point as our traditional Natural Choice® lunch meat line,” Samantha Hovland continued.

About Hormel Foods:

Hormel Foods is basically an Austin-based Food company that deals in a variety of premium meat products. The company has branches in over 80 countries and has a net revenue of $9 Billion. The company has got more than 30 famous brands. Some of the hottest brands of the company included, Columbus, Justins, SPAN, Hormel Natural Choice, Hormel Black Label, Wholly, SKIPPY, amongst others.

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