106 U.S. deportation of illegal Brazilians

A plane ordered by the US government is due to arrive in Brazil on Friday (21), in which 106 Brazilians have been detained for illegally entering US borders. This information was confirmed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs today (19).

According to Itamarati, US authorities have already ordered the deportation of the detained Brazilians, and there is no appeal against this decision. According to the folder, when announcing the result, the U.S. government is trying to “reduce the length of stay in detention centers, especially in the current context of the epidemic of Govt-19”.

According to the State Department, Brazilian embassies in the United States are providing diplomatic assistance to the group and other Brazilians detained in that country. The initial prediction was that the plane would land in Minas Gerais, but the airport was not notified.

The move comes four months after US President Joe Biden took over as head of government, submitting to Congress a plan to reform immigration laws that, if passed, would allow the government to implement measures that would allow it to regulate the situation of millions of immigrants living in the country in the future.

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