100 years of genocide in Tulsa

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The United States marks the 100th anniversary of the massacre of African Americans in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Historically, poorly mentioned, the genocide in Tulsa is said to have been occupied by a young African-American to a young Euro-American.

On May 31, 1921, after the arrest of Dick Roland, a young Euro-American woman accused of aggression by Sarah Page, hundreds of angry Euro-Americans protested in Tulsa Court, a practice common in the United States at the time.

Local authorities have refused to hand over Roland to a gang of linkers.

A group of African-Americans organized themselves into a growing Greenwood neighborhood, including some weapons.

Tension increases and some shots are heard.

At the dawn of June 1, 1921, Euro-American men began looting and setting fire to homes and other buildings, as well as hunting and killing people living in the Greenwood neighborhood, mostly in the African-American neighborhood.

Throughout the day, they robbed the call Black Wall Street, Leaving the ashes and rubble without police intervention. Three hundred were killed and about ten thousand lost all their possessions.

At the so-called centenary celebrations in the United States, "Genocide in Tulsa“(The Tulsa Race Massacre), President Joe Biden felt that his country’s government should recognize its responsibility, given the fact that African-Americans are barred from creating a tradition and have no chance.

Sarah Page will later withdraw her complaint, denying the alleged assault by Dick Roland when she met him in the elevator on May 31, 2021.

Historians of the tragic events in Tulsa on June 1, 2021, provoked the poaching of the so-called Black Wall Street and its subsequent massacre, not the alleged occupation, but the euro-American envy of the prosperity of their African-American people from the city of Greenwood.

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One hundred years later, Greenwood is no longer Black Wall Street.

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