10 Stories About Alan Rickman From Behind The Scenes Of ‘Harry Potter’


About Alan Rickman

Everyone who met Alan Rickman was left with a memorable and indelible memory by the late actor who succumbed to cancer.

Alan Rick was a well-known actor, but he’s probably best recognized for his part as the difficult Potions Master at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the movies. In real life, Alan Rickman was liked by everyone who met him, despite the fact that Severus Snape may be a debatable hero.


Everyone was devastated when they heard that Paul Reiser had died in January 2016, at the age of 69, from pancreatic cancer. But, despite his death at a relatively young age, he left a lasting impression on the industry and on countless fans around the world. Here are ten amusing tales from the actor’s set.

Here are Stories About Showing the kindness of Alan Rickman.

1. He gave Daniel a book.

According to the Daily Mail, Richard Rickman gave Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter), who played him on screen, a copy of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. ‘I am excited to read it,’ Radcliffe added in a letter to the actor. In 2018, a collection of Rickman’s personal letters was published.

2. Alan Rickman Kept A Cartoon Of Rupert That He Made

When Rickman glanced over his shoulder, Rupert Grint, who played Ron Weasley, was sketching a portrait of him. ‘I was terrified,’ Grint said since the sketch had ‘overestimated several of his features.’ But Rickman responded differently. Rickman stated, ‘I had him sign it, and I have it in my hands,’ with a proud tone of voice. ‘It’s the one I’m most fond of,’ she added.

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3. He Treated Young Actors As Equals.

According to reports, Mr. Rickman treated all the child actors with respect during his tenure as a director. All of them, according to Screen Rant, recall Rickman continuing to treat them as equals while filming and even afterward.

Niall Horan and Harry Styles are the housemates of this hilarious video. Niall Horan, Harry Styles, and Daniel Radcliffe on the set of “Harry Potter.”


4. He Got Involved With Snape’s Costume Design.

Ken Rickman, the actor who played Macmillan, wanted his clothing to be slim and numerous buttons.

5. Alan Rickman Got A Part In A Movie About A Teenager With Cancer

During the filming of , 15-year-old Jay, who had a neuroblastoma diagnosis at late stage, visited the set. That’s more than enough for me! “Some in-house traders go out and buy their own houses; they can make a nice profit if the market goes up. But I don’t believe Jay would have any interest in doing that,” said Paul, an employee of a different firm who was familiar with how things work there. “Jay had such enthusiasm when he met Alan Rickman He was really knowledgeable.


The film was adapted from a graphic novel of the same name created by Simeon Vanier. The original character, Tipstaff, is voiced by Alan Rickman in this version. He was about 15 at the time and knew a lot about Alan’s other films, so Jay asked him if he wanted to be in the movie,’ according to HuffPost recalled DuPre Pesman.

Everyone had a good chuckle, and Alan took him by the hand and thrust him into the mob of youngsters as they turned. ‘That is a back shot,’ says the narrator, going on to describe how his robe flutters in the wind. ‘The back of him is in fact a moment.”

6. He Paid For Dinner With His ‘Harry Potter’ Salaries For Himself And Friends & Colleagues

He always organizes dinner for his family and friends. he wanted to spend some quality time with his family and friends. he never makes anyone pay the bill. he himself pay the bill from the salary he got from his Harry Potter Movie.

7. On the set, Harry fooled Daniel.

Phil Hartman was a very funny guy. During a scene where there were many people on set, Rickman, actor Michael Gambon (Dumbledore), and director Alfonso Cuaron inserted a remote-controlled fart machine into Radcliffe’s sleeping bag. Radcliffe later said, ‘I instantly thought “This is one of the other kids [messing] around and we’re going to get into trouble.”‘ ‘But it turned out to be one of the members of Britain’s acting royalty.’

He’s a wonderful actor, and he also looks great. The best impression of him is his performance as the titular character in the recent version of Roald Dahl’s Matilda.

8. He Gave Professional Guidance to the Young Actors

The actor wasn’t afraid to give guidance based on his decades of experience in the industry, even though he was acting with his new co-stars. Having Richard Rickman around, especially during a sensitive age, was crucial to his success, according to Daniel Radcliffe.

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9. He Impressively Acted And Intimidatingly Performed With His Method Acting

His costars were both terrified and astounded by his performance as Snape that they feared how outstanding he was at being someone else.


10. He Knew A Secret About Harry Potter And Kept It To Himself

She also revealed that she informed him what the term “Always” meant well before and that it was a secret he kept with him. The revelation about his past was a major turning point for his character, which only happened at the end of the series when everyone else found out.

Alan Rickman should always be trending.


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