″ When I came to Sporting I got criticized … ″



He was voted the best goalkeeper in the quarter-finals of the European League and spoke emotionally after Sporting won their second successive title.

André Gerau Talisman: “No, I think we have to make an important reservation. The first four 100% Portuguese finals are a sign that Portugal hockey is doing well. Congratulations to the four teams. Congratulations to Oliverense and Benfica, who were worthy of winning in the semi-finals, and FC Porto. It was from I could fall into any of the four teams. That’s because I’m a mascot; I’ve been fortunate to be part of this workgroup, I’m lucky to have been able to work with these people who love hockey and protect me so much and I’m glad I won. So much. “

European address: “We made history today, in a difficult year, it didn’t start well. It was very important for me to win. I always give everything, I have flaws like everyone else, I do wrong things, but I give everything to this club. This year I was.” I want to win a lot. “

Portuguese Quarter-finals: Hockey has gained prominence in recent years. This is due to the emergence of Sporting on the national stage, which has brought in investment. Olivernes invested. We have a very cool Barcelona. We will have another match against Barcelona, ​​a strong team. The tournament shows this: Benfica lost with Reba Duff, we tied With Sangbanense, Viana and Vallongo. It is important that hockey players not stagnate and promote the sport. The wings are full. To do more, we have to do more. “

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Pressure, Lion Hockey and Football:When I came to Sporting I was heavily criticized. She left a national champion team for a project under construction in a hurry, filled with pressure that has put on weight up to four million fans. Only this week we saw the sporting grandeur with football celebrations. [No hóquei]I knew it was going to be a difficult step, I didn’t know we’d reach that level anytime soon. Sports bet, the fans are always by our side: up until now in the Marquês, at the football celebrations, I have been there and have been very dear. I can only thank you. This cup is theirs very much. Thanks to the management. Continue to bet on us. Thanks to futsal, which is also our mantra. “

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